I’m not married to Tom Brady

I met my husband online.  On our 3rd or 4th date he told me that people often think he’s Tom Brady.  I laughed…   Loudly.  In my opinion,  he looks nothing like Tom Brady.  I will agree they are the same height and have a similar smile and jawline… but sorry honey, no.  I was thinking to myself, okay, what have I gotten myself into?  Maybe this guy is a little off.

As the weeks and months progressed, to my surprise, there was a fairly constant stream of people actually thinking he MIGHT be Tom Brady.  Everyone from random people on social media, to my daughter’s entire kindergarten class, who actually believed he was trying to avoid the press by using a different name.  This forces him to give me this “Told you so!” look.  I should mention we live not-so-far from the New England Patriots stadium and training camps.  

One time I was in line getting popcorn at the Showcase Cinema as he stood in front of a Lord of The Rings poster getting his picture taken.  The woman behind me in line whispered to her friend “Is that Tom Brady?”… then they slowly made their way toward said picture taking.

The real You’ve-Got-To-Be-Kidding-Me moment came when I uploaded my first picture of us onto Facebook.  If you’ve ever used Facebook, you’re familiar with auto-tagging, where Facebook guesses who is in the picture and tries to tag that person for you.  It’s usually your sister or former classmate who is on your friends list or someone you have in common.  You know what’s coming… Facebook auto-tagged my husband as “Tom Brady”.  Despite the fact that Tom Brady is probably 50 lbs heavier than him, I had to give him this one.

I’m ready for Tom Brady to stop being famous now so I can move on with my life.  If you’re wondering why I haven’t included my husband’s picture here, it’s because I just can’t face the “Told you so!” as he reads through your comments confirming the likeness.

Oddly, no one ever thinks I’m Gisele… hmmmm.

I figured we should spend ONE day with ONE blog that doesn’t discuss the details of the country’s impending doom.   Stay tuned… we will be getting real shortly folks.  Gold is From Aliens.

33 thoughts on “I’m not married to Tom Brady”

  1. Afraid I had to look up who Tom Brady was. I thought he was the father on the Brady Bunch! Yes, I am out of it. Live in Mexico. No TV. Not a sports fan or follower of super models. Label me “out of it.” I do enjoy your blog, though.

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  2. That is an interesting issue to have. My husband and I are often told he looks like Johnny Peralta from the St. Louis Cardinals. (We don’t live far from St. Louis). My son loves this because Johnny is his favorite. My husband does NOT like attention so he is not a fan of this comparison. Thank you for sharing this exciting problem.

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  3. One time Facebook tagged my picture as “Most Definitely NOT Tom Cruise.” Should I be offended? At least your husband doesn’t have to do much for fame. Maybe Tom needs a stand in for appearances. Might be a nice side income!

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  4. I actually lol’d at “sorry honey but no.” 😂😂 so harsh and honest. Exactly how I am! Women need to bring their men back down to reality often!!

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  5. I’m from MA and if somebody ever thought I was Tom Brady and would be mistaken of him all the time, I’d embrace the hell out of it. Tom Brady is a GOD in MA. A blessing your husband has. Then again everyone hates the Patriots outside of New England is this a curse as well?

    Cool blog, saw your post on Community Pool, checked to see if your blog was awesome, I was right!

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