On a Scale from 1 to Even… I. Can’t. Even.

Heavens to Betsy! I have never actually used that phrase but today it seems like a good time to start. So, Betsy DeVos put out a press release about black colleges. She used the origin of black colleges as a success story example for school choice. What I don’t think Lady Antebellum understands is that they were created due to a LACK of choice, also known as segregation.

In case you don’t have a computer, or a newspaper, or eyes, or ears or a brain, I wanted to let you know that Donnie JT’s daughter is JEWISH. He’s only said it about 1500 times in the past several days, so I’m not sure if that was quite enough to get the message across. The secondary message here is that since he’s related to someone who has been Jewish for 30 seconds, this shields him from any possibility of any racial or religious bias. PHEW. I was worried for a minute but this seems to really clear things up, no? I wonder if she will convert BACK once her dad legalizes marriage between immediate family members?


Some of the top news stories on 3/1 were congratulatory articles on the Dictator of the United States’ address to Congress. This is a quote from USA Today “he did not relitigate the election results, he did not assail the media (much), and he did not call anybody names”. Is it me or does this read like a 4th grade report card? Dear Mr. & Mrs. Drumph, Donnie is doing SO much better. He didn’t sexually assault anyone at school today and instead of yelling “build a wall!” at his Mexican classmates he just wrote it down in his notebook. We are so proud that he almost managed to follow the basic rules of human civility for a full school day!

Red-Tie-McGee announced that he will delay his visit to the UK “because of fears of the huge public anger he would face were he to arrive in the country within the next few months…” (businessinsider.com). I guess dodging the draft worked, so dodging and entire country should too. This guy is not afraid of ISIS but he’s afraid of London? I’m just going to leave that one right there.


Remind me, how many days has it been?

While we are a deeply divided and un-united states right now, I think one of the things that most people agree on is supporting our troops. Even those who oppose the war(s) still support our troops. We have come a long way since Vietnam and the shameful treatment of those soldiers.

It seems possible that King Joffrey Trump may now know where Yemen is on a map. Excellent! Considering that he’s unable to articulate the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict, I’m pretty sure he’s not keyed in on what’s up in Yemen. I mean he has no time to bone up on his knowledge given the late night binge eating (thank you Spanx!) and binge tweeting and the refusing to read those really wordy intelligence reports (or to have them read to him).


We are all upset about the death of U.S. Navy SEAL Ryan Owens. Here is a starter list of Things NOT to do in this situation when you have been “elected” President of the United States:

• Do not blame the prior President for a military action you authorized.
• Do not blame the Generals carrying out the military action you authorized.
• Do not make up a story about why the fallen soldier’s father will not speak to you.
• When the fallen soldier’s father clarifies his reason, don’t double down on contradicting him.
• Do not blame the military unit for the soldier’s death.
• Do not use the fallen soldier’s widow as an applause generator.
• When a crowd gives a standing ovation for Owen and his widow, DO NOT respond by saying that you think you just broke a standing ovation record. P.s. Your obsession with size and duration is gross and inappropriate.


Is anything good? Yep:

• Barbara Pierce Bush (Daughter of GW) headlined a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in North Texas this week.

• It got up to 60 degrees in Massachusetts, USA this week (downside, probably due to climate change)

• Solid research shows that Millenials care about facts. Hope for the future exists.

• Michelle & Barack Obama just agreed too write two or more books for Penguin Random House. The $65m contract has broken every existing record. (Crowds await the “Presidential” response to being told an Obama has broken a book deal record).

• “24 Legacy” is almost as good as the original “24”.

• Kayla Rae Norton and Jose Ismael Torres were sentenced to 35 years combined. Respect the real flag a$$holes. Can’t wait to hear how prison works out for y’all.

• Jackie Evancho sang the National Anthem at the recent Presidential Inauguration. It turns out she has a transgender sister, and positioned herself in the spotlight to bring awareness to her sister’s battle with a Pittsburg-area school board. A federal judge just ruled in her sister’s favor. The self-proclaimed brilliant strategist didn’t see that one coming. You go girls!

Last public service announcement for today: Gold is from Aliens, but vaccines are from earth. Check out this website (I beg of you, open the link BEFORE you comment… thank you kind reader): www.HowDoVaccinesCauseAutism.com


26 thoughts on “On a Scale from 1 to Even… I. Can’t. Even.”

  1. hey spats. had to unsubscribe b/c I can’t stand political stuffs and how successful politicians are at promoting the my team vs your team mentality

    On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 11:48 AM Gold Is From Aliens wrote:

    > Marie Christine posted: “Heavens to Betsy! I have never actually used that > phrase but today it seems like a good time to start. So, Betsy DeVos put > out a press release about black colleges. She used the origin of black > colleges as a success story example for school choice. What I” >

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    1. Understood. Trust me, I want us all on the same team. That said, I have to draw the line at segregation and reproductive rights. I believe both sides are guilty of the sales pitch… it was just as successful for the last 8 years IMO. I get it though.

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  2. I wish Trump wasn’t the president. That being said, we should still be respectful, isn’t that what we did with Obama? (most of the time)
    Trump actually hasn’t been doing that bad. If anyone else had done it (leaving it up to the states to decide gender laws) a lot of people would look on that as a good thing.
    I don’t like trump but when everyone is piling on him i feel a need to say something.
    Alright, I’ve said my piece.

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    1. Hey TTE! I hear that loud and clear. I agree with leaving most things up to the states as well. That said, consistency on that would be nice. As a side note, if/when the power shifts, believe me I will be making similar contrary. I’m an equal opportunity blogger. 🙂 It just so happens I didn’t start blogging until this year.

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    1. Ha! I would have put a warning but it would have taken the *bang* out of where the link leads 🙂 Not my site I just found it a while back and thought it was funny. I think it’s even funnier that the owner of the site gives you the option to buy him/her a beer via paypal for providing the laugh. Brilliant!


  3. Every week it gets worse. Not only is he an idiot but he keeps fools around him. If you are a dumb ass at least keep smart people around you. The way good ole GW did it. I’m like Betsy black colleges were created b/c black students couldn’t go to PWI’s. Heavy sigh…it’s sad when I miss the days of the Bush Admin.

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      1. Right , will someone tell #45 that. Dude you are not a dictator. You can’t just do whatever you feel with no limit…or maybe he thinks he is literally a one man army.

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  4. Good article, and thanks for the comment on my blog. I just re-clicked on “follow” here – not sure the link was still working. So you’ll probably get a message that I’m “following” but I already was… keep on posting!

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  5. I see you hate DT almost as much as I do! The people of the UK actually started a petition to rescind his invitation to visit and, last I knew, it had well over a million signatures! And Parliament voted to disallow him to address them. Wouldn’t you think he would get the message? Great post … loved it!

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