Not a real post, Yet it’s posted

This isn’t a real post, yet it’s posted.

I recently had a super fun experience with an oil furnace that involved the infamous Dave from the infamous “Dave’s Not Here, Man” post. Perhaps I should do a 2.0 version on that blog? Consider it… pending. Just waiting for the final furnace chapter that will hopefully happen tomorrow.

In other news, Lauren, aka Bub, does her live AGT audition in less than a week, at which point I’m no longer able to talk about the show due to the impending NDA which has not yet been required. Very fun stuff… even if it ends at this level it’s still seriously surreal and very cool.

Three things:

1- As soon as the furnace is done, my drum kit gets set up in the new basement SCORE. It’s been a while and it’s time. #MommaNeedsHerDrums

2- I’m going to learn 2 songs to support the Bub… “What About Us” by Pink and “Creep” by Radiohead. I technically already know the latter but I need to bring it back back out of my 28 year old brain and insert it into my, now, 45 year old brain. Can I get a vote on which we/she should do first? We also want to do Sweet Child ‘O Mind by GNR so why not right?????  Ok so 3 songs. Thoughts/suggestions/Comments welcomed. She’s great on acoustic but for some songs you need a rock band. #IWannaRock #GetItDone #IGaveBirthToASinger

3- Linking to a sample of what she’s planning to do for her Live AGT audition, which is in less than a week. She has a front-of-line pass to the NYC audition, which means she gets to skip the lines and go straight to the stage. How cool is that? Even if it ends there it’s cool. Check out this video from our garage today. Done in one take, while freezing, waiting on day 2 with no furnace in a nice cold, New England snowy day. #BubRules #LABRocks #CoolestKidAward #15YearsOld

Click Here for Bub’s Dry Run for AGT Next Week

Bub front and center. Momma/MarieChristine hiding in the back right corner. #Subscribe #ThankYou! Youtube: LAB Rocks #YesShesOnly15


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