About The Author

My blog is split into 2 categories:  “Being Marie Christine” are stories that relate to my real life experience.  “I. Can’t. Even.” are post of the days when I can’t even… and I feel compelled speak about it.

I am fascinated by and/ or am in love with the following (in no particular order):


Anything related to Time Travel

Dirk Benedict

Prosciutto (baked until crispy)

Manhattans (with 2 cherries)

Promoting logical thinking leading to fact-based feelings and outcomes



My oldest daughter’s voice and my youngest daughter’s hugs

Books about living in Germany before, during and after WW2, fiction and non-fiction

The Shawshank Redemption


Pod Casts: The Moth, Crimetown, This American Life, S-Town & of course Freakonomics

Writing, Producing & Playing Music (Favorite: Drums)


Eggs Benedict (unrelated to the joy of Dirk Benedict, but alas… it is a strange coincidence)

Top 5 Shows: House of Cards, 24, The Daily Show, Shameless, and a tie between Frequency and Grey’s Anatomy. Ok so that’s top 6 but “top 6” doesn’t sound cool so…

Something I do that is COMPLETELY out of character: Zumba. No, that is NOT a typo


Advocating for people with disabilities

The Paralympics

FitBit Charge 2

Not paying full price for anything unless it’s completely unavoidable (For real, never ask me for ways to avoid paying full price or I will not stop talking for an hour.)

Watching YouTube Videos by LAB Rocks (and contributing to them)