About The Author

My blog is split into 2 categories:  “Being Marie Christine” are stories that relate to my real life experience.  “I. Can’t. Even.” are posts of the days when I can’t even… and I feel compelled speak about it. If you don’t care to read about politics, avoid the second group

The following things are awesome (in no particular order):


Anything related to Time Travel

Dirk Benedict

Prosciutto (baked until crispy)

Manhattans (with 2 cherries)

Promoting logical thinking leading to fact-based feelings and outcomes



My oldest daughter’s voice and my youngest daughter’s hugs

Books about living in Germany before, during and after WW2, fiction and non-fiction

The Shawshank Redemption


Pod Casts: The Moth, Joe Rogan, S-Town & of course Freakonomics

Writing, Producing & Playing Music


Eggs Benedict (unrelated to the joy of Dirk Benedict, but alas… it is a strange coincidence)

Top Shows: House of Cards, 24, The Daily Show, The Americans, Shameless, Frequency, Suits and Grey’s Anatomy.

Something I do that is COMPLETELY out of character: Zumba. No, that is NOT a typo

Advocating for people with disabilities

The Paralympics

FitBit Charge 2

Not paying full price for anything unless it’s completely unavoidable (For real, never ask me for ways to avoid paying full price or I will not stop talking for an hour.)

Opening my kitchen windows (I recently lived in a house where the windows on the first floor didn’t open… for ten years).

The Worcester Economic Club (my views on this blog do NOT represent the views of the club…. disclaimer blah blah blah).

Teaching Economics

The fried mushrooms at “The Big E”